Friday, 10 May 2013

3 things I've never understood in life...

So there's 3 things in life that really frustrate me. It's more that when I recognise the upcoming points, I just think to myself why?

1. Instaselfies
Firstly, Instagram, in my eyes, is somewhere where the budding artists of the world take to share their photographic passions. Or, for the rest of us mere photographically-challenged mortals, somewhere we can share filtered pictures of our spontaneous nights out, or 'totes unique' dinners. Because everyone's suppers are worth sharing. Alas, it appears a certain group of face-loving people take to share photo after photo after photo after photo (you get my drift) of them posing.

I guess the worst part is, unless you're documenting yourself over the space of a year to make a viral youtube vid (which I hope would be cut down to max. 2 mins) of how your year has gone, your face, nor you, hasn't really changed that much in the past two days... promise.

An extension of the above, yet this can appear on any social networking site, on any phone background... anywhere. It deserves a capitalisation, honest. Not one to ramble, I feel this issue can be addressed via 4 distinct questions:

     How did you come to the agreement to take such a highly posed photograph
     (usually in a mirror)?
     Was the broaching of the suggested activity awkward at any stages?
     What did you feel you gained from the aforementioned activity?
     Did you honestly expect anyone else to comment on the photo, aside
     from your 'I love you baby xxxxx' point?

These are serious questions, and answers are most definitely welcome.

3. Txt slng
Oh jeez. This one gets me. So I text a parcel lady the other day politely asking if she could pick up my parcel. All in polished grammatical form, naturally.

To which she replied:
'Yes tht wil b fine tku' - 6 words, 17 letters.

Now, had she of written it correctly, it would have looked something like this:
'Yes, that will be fine. Thank you.' - 6 words, 25 letters.

So all in all she omitted a meagre 8 letters from the text. Don't get me wrong, I'm not old school, I'm all for cutting down lengthy words into smaller acronyms such as Tuberculosis to TB. It's just I don't really see what time it saved omitting the 'a' from 'that', or the 'l' from 'will'. It's just laziness. I don't want my future children growing up speaking the phonetics of ghastly grammar. No one pronounces, nor should they pronounce, 'thank you' as 'took u'. It's just wrong!


  1. My guess is that 'txt slng' is a time saver. It helps people best utilize the limited space a SMS message has to offer. However, it seems the older generation are hell-bent on keeping this flame burning whilst the 'cool kids' have decided this is as in vogue as high pony-tails and bomber jackets.

    An interesting transition.


    1. This is so true! It's annoyingly frustrating reading text slang and I sure do hope it doesn't seep too far into common culture so as to replace correct spelling. Because that would be... just about the worst thing I could think of happening to society. Ignore war, politics and economics! Hahaha.

      Thank you for your continued comments, APFB.

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