Thursday, 5 July 2012

Heat, humidity and (jumble) sales shopping

On my hour long lunch break today, I decided to venture out of the cool and breezy office into the hot, humid heat. I always find hour long lunches slightly awkward, 'cos you're walking around aimlessly for an hour quite literally just killing time. Unless you're one of those I'VE GOT TO GO TO THE POST OFFICE AND THEN THE TOWN HALL AND THEN THE BANK BECAUSE I'M IMPORTANT type of people. I however never have such highly important tasks to attend to.

Thus, I flittered in and out of shops like the hour was running out fast. I consider myself to be a "grazer" shopper; I'll invest time in a select few favourite stores and really scope out the items I choose. But today, the heat just got to me. I was like a kid on a car journey. The worst part? I only had myself to moan to.

It was a mixture of heat combined with an extreme dislike towards sales-dominating-entire-stores that agitated me. I'm all for seeing that beautiful, expensive, exquisite, pay-day destroying, dream dominating item go down in the sale after you have stalked it online for months, but after I've bagged that I'm ready for the new collection.

Let's not be irrational here, sales are a god-send when you can find those timeless classic pieces that will live through season after season but, fashion nowadays has become so disposable. The eclectic neons, the bright floral pants, the pastel jeans... every item I have just listed is so heavily focused on a trend. The key word there being trend. Trends come and go, as quick as you can buy the item. Even in a double-dip recession high street stores still manage to get us to part with cash because, let's face it, people aren't going to forget your favourite bright floral pants you wore everyday last season.

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