Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New Girl: both me, and the series

Aaaaaaah. The sudden realisation that you've abandoned your blog for the past forever. Okay, so it's been 6 days. But it certainly does feel a whole lot longer. I'm not ignoring you, I promise. Indeed I am in fact using the cliché it's not you, it's me but, it this time it really is me. 

I am happy to announce that through hard work, and a whole lot of emails and calls I have managed to land myself summer work. Yipee. I'm working for Kent County Council, and my role is effectively an administration assistant. It's exciting stuff, and I'm gaining so many new skills and experiences which will all help by the time I graduate and look to start my career. So as of late, with much of my time spent travelling to and from work and indeed being at work, I have found I have little time in the evenings to sit down to write. I'm here now though, and that's all that counts right?

So I climb into bed hoping and praying that something worth while will be on digital TV, which we all know is pretty futile in fulfilling that role 99.9% of the time, and low and behold it appears someone has answered my prayers. The new series of New Girl has started and it already feels like the last series finished only yesterday. It's such easy, cohesive viewing and perfect in the sense that you don't need to watch every episode to know the storyline. So long as you know the character names, you'll pretty much pick up on what's happening regardless of what episode you watch. It's no Lost, put it that way. 

Ever since the first series aired, I sense the vibe the producers were going for is a modern-day, twenty-first century Friends. The whole apartment sharing, the will they won't they Ross and Rachel type of scenario, the character types - think pretty one, goof, unemployed, the loveable one. Pretty much the recipe for a perfect sitcom. Friends enjoyed a lengthy period of popularity, and in light of the mixed reviews New Girl has received over this side of the pond I'm not saying it's quite on par just yet, but it's early days... and hey, I only want to watch something easy going to relax from a hard day's work!

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