Friday, 15 June 2012

David Cameron's rather unsettling Leveson inquiry performance

Did anyone else catch a glimpse of David Cameron’s performance yesterday with regards to the Leveson inquiry? Granted Cameron himself elected to set up the inquiry but I felt there was something unsettling watching, what at times seemed to be, our very own Prime Minister being interrogated in a criminal like fashion. Perhaps the most intriguing new evidence which came to light with fact was Cameron’s closeness to Rebekah Brooks, the former chief executive of News International. When questioned how often he and Brooks spoke Cameron showed signs of nervousness, a quality the nation rarely sees in a leader. Cameron stuttered and looked at his papers for back-up. Rather interestingly however, after a short break, Cameron returned with hard evidence about he and Brooks' meetings from his wife's records. There's nothing dubious about Cameron's wife apparently keeping tracks on every time he and Brooks met, right? 

I think what is most interesting about this case is that we as a nation are witnessing a dramatic U-turn shift in political establishments' relationships with newspapers. Political establishments such as Labour and The Conservative Party once sought to be linked to once politically powerful people such as Brooks, for Brooks was linked to Rupert Murdoch. Oh how times have changed. 

You can watch one of the clips here on The Guardian's website.

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