Friday, 29 June 2012

For the love of Autumn

I'm not really big on summer myself. I know, I know, you think I'm weird. But I'm pretty certain I'm not alone. Summer, for some, is a dreaded season. Hot weather, thus bare legs, minimal clothing... everything out there for the ever so scrutinising world to see. This, fortunately, isn't the reason for me not being the biggest fan - even though I truly am an english rose myself. 

I don't fear minimal clothing, I just dislike it. Call me conservative, call me whatever, but I like clothing. I like layers. They make me feel safe. Autumn and Winter spell an abundance of fashion options, whereas I find summer pretty repetitive. How many times can we alter denim shorts to make them as interesting as last year's collection, really? We've seen patterns printed on them, studs, freys, tye-dye. Seriously, what's next?

Winter used to be my favourite season. The very word, 'winter', itself conjures up images of chunky fairisle jumpers, my cat spread out in front of a warming fire and a Christmas spent like Wham's video, Last Christmas. I see warmth, love and happiness. Everyone is just that bit closer in winter, or at least I like to think so. I always think winter's my favourite month, but in retrospect unless I am wrapped up in a million layers, I shiver and moan. (In my defence I do think my skin is quite thin though, because I still feel the cold on a summer's day if I am caught under the shade for too long.)

So upon having this epitome, I discovered Autumn is the perfect season for me. I love Spring, but I guess the way the British summer season is so hit and miss, as in noone ever really knows when it's going to arrive or even if it's going to arrive, it's difficult to know what pieces to invest in. Personally I love light knits, but if summer approaches us as quick as in April then I know I'll get little to no use out of my spring wear. Oh, the problems we face. Autumn however is a totally different ball game. It's the season God has given us to prepare for Winter, the warm up some may think. Start stocking up on lip balms, moisturisers and deep conditioning treatments like it's going out of fashion, because you know the cold is coming. It creeps up on you like a shadow, but it'll wreck havoc with your skin and hair before you know it.

Autumn, in comparison to Winter, conjures up conkers, thick homemade soups with chunky fresh bread, crisp leaves and fireworks. It's such a warming season, and I think there's something quite beautiful about, what is effectively the maturing period of a year. Autumnal colours are ideal for everyone alike; you have options. If you're body conscious, browns and blacks cover lumps and bumps perfectly. And if you want to make a statement, golds and coppers add to the luxe feel.

Granted Autumn is an inbetween period situated between Spring/minimal clothing and Winter/heavy clothing, but it's the perfect season to start layering. Layering allows you to mix patterns, textures, shapes and pretty much anything you like. Go as bold as you want, or, stick to autumnal shades and add glamour to outfits with key accessories. The best thing about layering is that if you're hot, take some off and vice versa for being cold. There's no reason to not be a perfect temperature, and thus a happy human. 

I'm already on the look out for my key Autumn/Winter 2012 investement pieces. Top of my list are ideally a nice fur gilet (courtesy of Alexander McQueen's ready to wear show), fairisle and motif jumpers, riding boots, a fur stole (please!) and cable knit sweaters. I hate to wish life away because it goes far too fast as it is, but I look forward to the fashion that comes our way this Autumn/Winter. For now, I'm still waiting on summer. 

Hurry up please.


  1. Great post and interesting blog! Best wishes from across the pond!

    1. Thank you so much. How did you come across my blog, may I ask? :)