Friday, 15 June 2012

"Work hard, be good and get better."

Today has definitely been a good day so far. Polly Vernon, yes POLLY VERNON replied to my tweet to her providing me with this advice "I'll happily give you advice: work very hard, be good and get better. It won't let you down, I promise." TOO excited over this. It's hard to explain. I'll definitely continue working just as hard with the advice she has given me. What a motivator!

Polly Vernon is a big inspiration to me. She is a former deputy editor for the Observer magazine. She is bold, brave and fearless in her writing techniques. She dares to say she doesn't want kids, she dares to talk about enjoying being thin and I think she is an inspiration to anyone who enjoys literature. She is the editor-at-large for Grazia and I'm sure, if like me you love Grazia, you'll have read countless articles in the magazine by her. I anticipate my weekly dose for her 'Don't get her started...' articles. They are thought provoking, opinionated and humourous. What more could you want?

Here is the beloved tweet(!):

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