Monday, 18 June 2012

I heart Lana Del Rey

I've never really paid much attention to music. Don't get me wrong - I listen to it obviously, but if someone asks me who my favourite artist is, I simply stumble. How on earth, out of every musician in the world can you have a single favourite? That's my thinking. But I have to admit, I've been more than a little bit hooked on this one album since early March now. And it's June 16th. So I guess I've started a love affair with Lana Del Rey's album, Born to Die. Anyone who claims to dislike it, well I say you just haven't listened to it enough. Lana has this really unique and appealing voice, it's as if she drags me into the stories she sings and I'm gone. 

Not only am I hooked on the album, I think I might have developed a girl crush on her. It's hard to explain why I like her so much. I would compare her to Zooey Deschanel's character Summer in (500) Days of Summer. Effortless, insouciant and cool. It's like she doesn't even try, she just naturally pulls off every look she tries. The type of girl most girls like to hate because of that very fact. And to top it all off she is Mulberry's newest muse, alongside Alexa Chung. Not many people get a bag named after them so early on in their careers, so I guess if you have always dreamed of that very scenario, then she could be an inspiration to you. 

My favourite song off of the album is Million Dollar Man. The lyrics are b-eautiful.  Unfortunately she is yet to make a music video for this, but here is her singing it live... Even better! Enjoy!


  1. Hmm I wouldn't say she was effortlessly cool because she had to reinvent herself with a fancy name and signature hair before people took notice. I do love this album though, 'this is what makes us girls' is my favourite. Milly xx

    1. Well, that's true. But it sure does look effortless now she's famous. I think when you're famous everything looks effortless!