Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Love knows no boundaries!

Imagine if your celebrity crush finally noticed your insistent tweets to them, saw how beautiful or handsome you were in your profile photo, responded to you and you both fell in love and lived happily ever after. 

Sadly this is in fact a very, very, idealistic situation and, unless I am informed otherwise, to my knowledge this has not ever happened.  Why? Because “status” gets in the way. This idea came to me after reading about how crazy cool and so-far-from-normal Rita Ora’s life has become in the past three months ever since she was noticed by one of Jay-Z’s reps. She’s been partying in Cannes, she’s chums with Beyonce and is dating Rob Kardashian. All I can say is, lucky her. I wonder if Rob would have noticed her if it weren’t for her propelled celebrity status? Probably not.

I suppose the notion I am getting at here in a roundabout way is that everyone says there’s a soul mate somewhere in the world for everyone. So isn’t it weird to think how some people may never actually meet the love of their lives, just because money and status gets in the way? But, like everything in life, who knows, fate may just bring people together one way or another...

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