Friday, 15 June 2012

I love Cos, simply Cos I do

If you’re one of those people who falls in love with one particular piece of clothing on another which was purchased from H&M, but you always think it’s hard to find something really good but when you find it you’re in for a treat, then I have the answer for you. Providing you’re willing to pay a little bit more that is, but not too much, because quality and design comes at a price. Welcome Cos. Cos, you may be wondering, stands for Collection of Style. I wasn’t surprised to learn that Cos is in fact an independent brand from the H&M Group, as is Cheap Monday if you wanted to know.

The style of Cos clothing still oozes the clean-cut timelessness of Swedish design that Hennes purports in an affordable way. Cos relies on quality and comfort. If you want bold prints and wacky fashion focused designs that will be so passé come next month, this brand isn’t for you. The pieces they offer are timeless, sharp and modern. Think focusing on quality of fabric, construction and simplicity: these pieces can be worn indefinitely for they are well put together and of a high end look. 

Take a favourite piece of mine, this printed hem top which retails at €69. It's simple, it has character and above all it is extremely versatile. This top can be worked in so many different styles, with a blazer for formality, or paired with jeans, an oversized bag and sunglasses for a casual-smart daytime look.

Ask my mother, since the day I was given free reign with regards to clothing decisions, I've always been in her words "a clothing snob". I'm not the type to buy numerous amounts of cheap clothing with a sum of money, I would rather invest in one or two pieces at a time of timeless clothing that can be reworked again and again. And Cos works perfectly for my clothing decisions. I think we're all going to be seeing a lot more of this brand in times to come.

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