Saturday, 16 June 2012

My dad really is the greatest.

This is me and my oh so lovely family.

It's Father's Day tomorrow and unfortunately I have to work. I have always held a Sunday job since the age of 16, and I'm now at the ripe old age of 19. So that's a lot of Father's Days and Mother's Days that I've missed out on. But, beggars cannot be choosers and work is a commitment. I have to say I do look forward to the day when I get to spend the day with them again because I think life is really quite short, and not to mention unexpected, so family time is important to me.

Seeing as I have my own blog and I can write just about whatever I want (within reason, because I would never be blasphemous or intentionally rude of course) I would just like to say:


Because I do not like to favour one parent over the other, I'll quickly get it out of the way and say that my mum will get her message on Mother's Day, so hold tight for a year or so okay. But, I would just like to say a huuuuge thank you to my dad for looking out for me for the past 19 years. You have always stuck by me (as has mum) and I love that you believe in me. I'll try my very hardest to do you (and mum) proud and to get you both a nice retirement home one day. In the far far away future, I'd like to add. Love you dad. And you too mum.

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