Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Respect your elders, and your minors

I feel fairly confident in believing almost everyone who reads this post will have experienced this somewhat socially awkward situation at some, if not many, points in their lives. The topic in question being: uncomfortable public parenting skills. I definitely witnessed this on my flight home. Honestly, who knew ONE parent and ONE child could elongate my three hour flight home this week into what felt like an eternity trapped in a claustrophobic vessel positioned thousands of feet in the air. But they did.

This sadly isn’t however the first time I have experienced feeling like an uncomfortable spectator in a parent treating their offspring in a highly inappropriate manner. Granted I am (hopefully) a long way off of becoming a mother myself, and in no way at all am I preaching, but I have babysat numerous children and looked after my cousins enough times to know how to treat a child – even if they are behaving in a difficult manner. 

If anything it’s more that I don’t quite comprehend how, if not why, the parents don’t feel embarrassed when they can see masses of people glaring at them with looks of disgust and bewilderment. I believe children grow up with the values and attitudes that are instilled in them by the people who look after them in life. So if you want respect from your child I think it is vital that you should return the respect to them and then, maybe then, my future flights may feel and reflect the actual length they are.

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