Sunday, 27 May 2012


Seeing as this is a fairly young blog itself, I shalln't label this post "to my loyal readers" but, to those who are reading this (that way I just include anyone and everyone, even you).

I have some sad news for yourselves, alas but not so sad for me. I shall be vacationing for the next two weeks so, I'll be upfront about it, the likelihood of me blogging whilst away is pretty minimal to none. Fear not for two weeks of sunshine and no real structure to my days shall hopefully bring me an abundance of fresh new article ideas to share with you all when I arrive back. Who knows, I might even catch the dreaded holiday photographer disease.. I heard it's pretty catchy.

See you all in 2! :)


  1. your blog is so lovely!

    1. Thank you, kind stranger. I appreciate your compliment :)