Monday, 21 May 2012

Royal Respect

I have been reading numerous stories about Kate Middleton lately, and being wary of magazines, I haven’t fully believed what they publish about her. But every story, no matter how exaggerated it becomes has a starting point.

First of all, put yourself in her position. She met Prince William at University and, luckily for them, due to press restrictions they had a very private university experience. They met and fell in love. It’s a fairytale story.

So now I ask why it is that people want to break her down. Not only is she continuously slandered as dressing “too safe” and dull, she is now facing a royal correspondent releasing a tell-all book which referred to her as having to work extra hard to do well in her studies at university in comparison to her peers. She was quite literally brought to fame, if you might call it that, overnight. A sudden transformation of being the girl next door to being on the front covers of every magazine with everyone feeling they own the right to scrutinise her every move. She’s our future queen and I find it quite uncomfortable to read how disrespectful some are of our royal family. Just because we have social media outlets nowadays isn’t an excuse to anonymously attack her online.

I equally find it difficult to establish what it is about Kate’s dress sense that people, notably designers, seem to dislike so much. She’s the epitome of dressing as a lady. A frequent comment is that she wears too many high street labels. Is that seriously the biggest problem we face? I think it’s refreshing that she is wearing clothes people can imitate and afford to buy, it keeps her down to earth and in touch with the nation. I actually envy the clothes she wears; she always manages to look elegant and beautiful whilst being appropriate for every event she attends. If my outfits resemble anything like hers when I’m her age, then I know I’ll be most content.


  1. I've got to disagree with you on this one i'm afraid Lauren haha! All I ever read is comments on how lovely she looks (although my reading of newspapers and magazines isn't the broadest). And constantly on clothes websites and magazines it's 'get the Kate look'. I have seen some comments from designers about her shoe choice and 'what a princess should wear' but most of it was just ridiculed by the paper then posting obscene shoe images as examples. I totally agree that we should just leave her to wear what she wants though because she's doing a great job of it, but that also goes for other celebrities- why not let the viewers be the judge, one minute magazines say someone looks awful in something but another person wears it and it's the most amazing thing they've ever seen!

  2. I think they seem to go against one another. Some are loving her style, but others are bashing her for no real reason. I think if anything I sympathise with a young girl who has been transformed overnight. I definitely agree with you on the celebrity bit though. We're too critical as a nation. And when I look at what everyday "normal" people wear, sometimes I think we ought to look in the mirror ourselves before judging others in the spotlight...