Friday, 18 May 2012

Guerrilla Marketing: An inexpensive method of reaching masses

Some brands got lucky when they were launched. Coca-Cola, for example, had no other products of its kind to compete against and so it saturated and effectively monopolised the market. If Coca-Cola attempted to launch today however in the twenty-first century, it would cost millions and millions to attempt to advertise it to the level it’s at today. Thus for some newer companies, and even those that don’t have an infinite amount to spend on a marketing campaign, guerrilla marketing has become a popular and cheaper way of getting noticed. Guerrilla marketing focuses on using low-cost unconventional means of getting a message across, aiming to turn the campaign viral in the process, whilst achieving conventional goals such as profit and sales. Examples can include flash mobs, graffiti and scavenger hunts. It is a popular form of marketing to utilise for it makes an indelible impression on the consumer as it takes them by surprise and creates an abundance of social buzz.

In New York Saatchi and Saatchi created a unique campaign for Folgers Coffee. They placed vinyl wraps of coffee over manhole covers across the city that let steam come through. The effect simulated a steaming cup of coffee which, alongside the tagline “Hey, City That Never Sleeps. Wake Up. Folgers”, became a huge success. Why, you might ask? Not only was the tagline for the ad memorable, but think of the footfall in NY every day - there was the potential to access millions. Not a particularly expensive ad to run, but it created a huge buzz. The only disappointment of the whole campaign was for the unlucky few who attempted to smell the “coffee” and landed up inhaling the smell of sewers instead. Admit it, that’s pretty funny though.

Here's a video of an effective and hilarious guerrilla stunt from a small town in Belgium if you have a couple of minutes to spare. View in full screen mode for the full effect.


  1. Does this have any relations to the 'guerrilla girls'- They wore gorilla masks to campaign about women's rights haha! x

  2. You never know! I'll look into that.. I'm intrigued!

  3. They have some good images haha it's a bit old school but I think there still going strong somewhere!