Monday, 14 May 2012

Friends today, gone tomorrow

Has it ever dawned on you how easy it is to delete friendships nowadays? You can thank the likes of Facebook for that. Facebook has re-shaped the way we communicate with one another, the way we present ourselves and the meaning of friendship. Once upon a time (way before my day) people would walk to school together, they would write letters and make pretty little intricate friendship bracelets for each other to signify being best friends forever. Oh, how times have changed. Nowadays friendship bracelets are bought online and delivered direct to the friend's address. I guess it's the thought that counts. Writing letters? Why bother spending all that time when you can write in watered down English aka. txt lnguage. Walking to school... whilst... talking to your friends? Nonsense. Pass me the iPod please. Communication just isn't what it used to be, and that's a frightening concept. Children are so engrossed with the internet and games consoles that virtual friends can in fact take the place of real life human friendships. 

So where does Facebook come into this? Facebook and other social networking sites have made it ever so simple and easy to unfriend and block people. I'm partial to trimming my friends list down, I won't lie. The way I see it it's like having the world looking at your own personal photo albums, birthday cards and conversations all at once. You wouldn't let a stranger do it, would you? 

Handy tip: Twitter suggests to me that right now to be 'in vogue' it's better to have more followers than the number you follow. Because that means you're too cool to bother with this friendship malarchy, right?

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