Tuesday, 15 May 2012

An advertiser's dream

Anyone who reads this post and who knows me well will laugh at what I’m about to write. I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for clever advertising campaigns. Notably those super-airbrushed beauty ones. The most memorable (and in hindsight naive and stupid buy) was a Maybelline mascara that promised to put what would look like diamonds on the tips of your lashes. It was effectively a gloopy, glittery formula. And no, my eyes were not dazzling like diamonds. 

I like to think I’ve gotten better over the years since having a part-time job alongside my studies, for I appreciate the value money a lot more now. But every now and then new mascara is launched, or a foundation that promises to give you photo-ready flawless skin with nil imperfections. Come on girls, who wouldn’t want that? 

The issue is that beauty and skincare companies blind the consumer with scientific laden terms that sound impressive. They read something like this: “Igty-bictaly improves the cellular appearance which in turn reduces the effects of visible ageing by up to 10 years.” Secretly you’re wondering what on earth Igty-bictaly is, but on the surface you’re thinking they’ve solved your skin problems. Igty-bictaly, that’s the one. Companies provide us with this false security of knowledge, and we oh so naively are willing to buy into it. Because if the “scientists” are willing support this new foundation with their research, it’s got to perform... right?

After a series of less than perfect results with high street make-up brands i.e. Bourjois, Maxfactor, L’Oreal I have been left a nervous purchaser whom very much sticks within my comfort zone for fear of disappointment. It’s not that £10 on mascara is too expensive, it’s just so very irritating when it doesn’t live up the expectations promised – because that’s £10 down the drain. I have used eye products from Urban Decay before, a brand I would consider to be on the more expensive side, and I have to say you do notice a positive difference. There are more colour shades to choose from, and if used alongside their eye primer they last on your eyes all day. I guess the age-old saying is true: like most things in life, to ensure you get quality you have to be willing to pay the premium.

Note: Igty-bictaly was in fact made up by me. It might exist, but as far as I’m aware I created it.

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