Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The dying age of cinema?

No matter how advanced companies further televisions and home cinema equipment, nothing truly beats going to the cinema with friends or family to watch a film. Or does it? I have visited a local Odeon a few times recently for what they and Hollywood deem to be big budget blockbuster films. There's no denying that the films themselves are still of a high standard, but when you consider the price of tickets seem to be ever increasing, can families even afford such a luxury anymore? 

Furthermore with the extra profit Odeon and other cinema chains are undoubtedly raking in, my next concern leads to customer experience. I find for the high price I pay the atmosphere and aesthetic appearance of chain cinemas are questionable. In my local, for example, the feel of the cinema is cheap, dated even. The foyer is just a mass of empty space. In comparison to a local independent cinema, I would always choose to go there provided they have a competitive listing. It's comfier there, for starters the seats recline. It's colourful, modern and fresh with a quaint café where you can purchase local food at decent prices. It even promotes a deal which rivals Orange Wednesdays. I think it's about time larger cinema chains took notice of the smaller touches independent cinemas add because, for me, it will gain serious customer loyalty.

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