Friday, 18 May 2012

Mint green with envy?

For anyone who is yet to hear of the news, Chloe Green, daughter of Sir Phillip Green launched her own shoe line yesterday across Topshop. The trademark of the shoes is mint green soles, homage to her love of Louboutins. The price of the shoes is capped at £175; however it’s still quite a lot for a first collection some might argue. I had a look at the shoes online and you can tell a lot of effort has been put into them with intricate details and the use of fabrics. Soon after looking online I watched a Sky Living interview with her from last year before the collection was finalised which went something like this:

Interviewer: “Have you got help helping you design them or are you doing it all yourself?”

Chloe: “No I’m working with some of the Miss Selfridge team, uum, I don’t know, there’s no point in me starting from scratch when it’s all there really... (smiles)”

It’s not that I disagree with her using help, because let’s face it if my father had the contacts hers does I would do too, it’s just the manner in which it was said. A bit smug like, I felt. "Why bother from the beginning if I can help it?" it seemed she got at. So many designers really do start from scratch – including her favourite Christian Louboutin to name but one.

My only other criticism is the height of the heels. It’s just that not all of us walk around in ridiculously high heels every day. Even Kate Moss has said they are too high for her to wear. And if they’re too high for a supermodel, then they really must be something. They aren’t the shoes for those who suffer with Vertigo, to put it that way. 

Her Autum/Winter 2012 collection has been announced already and it is said that flat styles are to be introduced. Hurrah. How impressed are you with this collection? Have a look at three of the shoes below and air your views in the comment box.

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  1. Im not impressed, on the plus side though it might get me to 5ft 1nch. haha
    Auntie M