Tuesday, 15 May 2012

When I grow up I want to be a... rinser.

Tonight I watched Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys on Channel 4. The name itself intrigued me so I gave it a watch. I have to say though, having watched it I am somewhat ashamed that females like this exist. I thought it only happened in films like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Priceless. I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore feminist, but I definitely support feminism to the extent of females being equal to men, thus it takes a lot to make me say a statement like that. Before I continue let me iterate that it’s a fascinating watch nonetheless.

The show effectively followed “mutual relationships” in which glamorous girls use their charm, looks and overall beauty to receive gifts and allowances from men. It’s called rinsing. It’s shameful. But, before you judge, it’s OKAY because they have a strict rule of no sex. Round of applause for them. By all means let’s forget the work the suffragettes accomplished to get women the right to vote, and all the campaigns women have fought to become respected in the workplace and even in life itself.

And then you come across the women in this documentary. Granted they make an effort with their looks, you can’t argue with that. And I believe women and men alike should do this. But the sole purpose of their appearance is to “rinse” rich and successful men. Now some might argue that the men are blind fools for providing them with the opportunities, and I would agree with you – to an extent. But it’s the fact that the women prey on men with full intentions of getting whatever they can from them that does it for me. They prey on loneliness. My heart sunk on hearing one woman’s reasoning being “What’s the point in scrimping and saving all your life when some muppet down the road is going to give you a grand a month to live off?” I lost my rag at this point, it’s like the kind of reasoning a benefit thief would utilise against the hard working taxpayers. The point? Are you serious? The point is to achieve something in life. What happened to career ambitions? Why would you want to achieve nothing other than a wardrobe full of material gifts? They are living a glamorous life off of the back of someone else. These women are setting the worst type of example to young girls, more so because a few of them had children who were being brought up surrounded by this culture.

Having watched this documentary it only reinforces my desire to work hard to go against this growing breed of rinsers. I want to have made something of my life which I can look back on and be fully proud of what I will have achieved as an independent and hardworking female.


  1. I am really loving these blogs lauren hubbard, i was wondering if you could write about a topic close to my heart. Is philosophy a subject that involves the media...
    Stalker number 1

  2. Totally agree with you Lauren, these women are parasites whose lives are only enriched with material things. Well done for posting these blogs.

  3. if you are broke and you need the money you have to do what you have to do. A lot of people dont have rich parents or cant get a job or cant borrow money and have the choice between living on the street or rinsing men! Men who are stupid enough to think that their money could buy a girl. Well you get what you ask for if I were to be honest those men should be mis used like that, puts them to shame that they think they can get anything or ANYONE through money. Would you say no if a guy offered you 1000 pounds just to hangout NO SEX!! slap me on the head if I said no! Okay it is stupid to make it into a career but to a certain extend I am cheering for those ladies!

    1. It's the fact that these women think it's OK to do something like that, it's prostitution without the sex. And sure, they say there's a "no sex" policy but I guarantee they string the men along. I completely disagree with what you're saying as I believe and know that there are so many other ways for people to make a living.

      It appears to be quite a far fetched situation to say they would choose between living on the street or rinsing men. One of the women had a degree in psychology, so she was hardly flipping between the lines of poverty. The whole some people can't get a job thing frustrates me too. I am living proof that you can get a job: I'm at uni, I have little to no office experience and yet through persistence, and a lot of hard work and telephone calls to agencies I have found myself summer work at Kent County Council.

      These women are making seriously uneducated decisions in choosing to rinse men for their livings and they are setting shameful examples to other young girls who want the champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget.

      What happened to the desire to earn the champagne yourself? Why would you let another man's wallet control your life and your happiness? No one should want to settle for lemonade when the bubbly is attainable.

    2. To Bounty: It doesn't really put the men to shame that they think they can get anyone through money, by going along with it these women just show that these men are right in their assumptions. It just ends up making women look pathetic.

  4. Well said Lauren, most of these woman have no morals, having said that are these men totally stupid? they may have money but why would you want to splash the cash on woman who you clearly know only wants you for that? The debate continues

  5. if these men didn't want to be rinsed then they wouldn't. enough said.