Friday, 25 May 2012

Two reasons to smile: it's hot and it's Friday

On glorious summer days like today I look around and realise how beautiful literally (almost) everything in life is. I woke up in a good mood, literally because I could see the sun shining. There was a bug on the floor in the kitchen, which normally I'd freak out about, but today it wasn't a problem. Let's put the bug outside in the sunshine, aww. It's crazy the effect the warmth and light of the sun has on us all, in a good way that is.

So I guess it made me realise how it's so easy to take everything for granted because, let's face it, realistically we are all really busy everyday with what in hindsight are really menial tasks and chores. And then I watched this feel-good video, promoting living life to the very max, and cheesy as it sounds it's brightened me up just that little bit more.

Ask anyone what they would really want in life and I guarantee the answer would be to be successful and rich. But, money really isn't everything. Everyone has something they really want to do in life and I think we should all pursue our dreams no matter how peculiar, or out of reach, they may sound to others. It's frightening how easy it is to get so tied down with the 9-5 work culture, but so many actually make their careers work around their lifestyles.

Not so long ago, in the midst of a typical everyday conversation I was told about a man who lives in South Africa for 6 months of the year and works remotely via his computer, simply because he loves surfing. If you're wondering what he does for the other half of the year, he spends the remaining 6 months with his girlfriend, who lives in Paris. So he works 6am-2pm, spends the rest of the day surfing and spends almost every evening socialising. Too many of you, and probably even myself if I were an outsider looking reading this article, would just think "Wow, sounds like he has a dream life" and then forget about it. But don't. Because I learnt the hard way this week that life is short, and you never know when your time is up.

If the saying really does turn out to be true, and we really do only live once, then make sure you lived your life to the best you could.

Here's the link to the video incase you wanted some Friday afternoon (perhaps slightly cheesy) motivation:

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